May 20th 2014

Psychology of Negotiations (Leuphana)

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In this course, participants will gain hands-on negotiation skills and work together in teams of five to learn more about the psychological processes of negotiations in the scope of Commons.

Leuphana Digital School's Mentored Open Online Course Psychology of Negotiations - Reaching Sustainable Agreements in Negotiations on "Commons", led by Prof. Dr. Roman Trötschel, starts on May 20 and will run until August 20. "Psychology of Negotiations" is open to participants from all over the world; there are no prerequisites. Participants will become acquainted with a psychological approach to negotiations within the scope of Commons, while preparing and conducting independent negotiations. After successful completion of the course, participants may obtain a University certificate for a nominal fee of EUR 20, awarding them with 5 Credit Points (ECTS) that they can transfer towards their own degree program. The course is based on the psychological concept of resource-oriented negotiations, developed by Prof. Dr. Roman Trötschel, who possesses years of experience in negotiation research and training.

The course is designed around six assignments. During these assignments, you will work on self-selected projects and cases, dealing with negotiations on Commons. In sequence, the curriculum is structured as follows:

Phase 1 | Introduction to negotiations on Commons – How negotiations on Commons address psychological needs.

Phase 2 | Communication in negotiations – How intra- and inter-psychological processes influence negotiations.

Phase 3 | Analyzing resources – How resource characteristics influence psychological processes.

Phase 4 | Augmenting the bargaining zone – How resources can be augmented, considering the interests, needs and motives of stakeholders.

Phase 5 | Allocating resources – How negotiations tactics help to find fair and sustainable agreements.

Phase 6 | Putting the pieces together – Develop a vision of a sustainable agreement.

In order to assure high quality in guidance and assistance throughout the course, "Psychology of Negotiations" will be open for 1,000 active participants. Watch the video below and sign up for the course now to join a worldwide community, exploring negotiations and Commons.

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