Leuphana Digital School

Leuphana University bundles all its online learning activities in one institution: Leuphana Digital School.
With its unique didactical concept - consisting of scholars, mentors and tutors working hand in hand with a peer-based learning approach supported by a sophisticated online platform - Leuphana Digital School will offer several independent Mentored Open Online Courses each year. Participating in each of the courses will be free of charge and participants will have the opportunity to obtain a University Certificate after successful completion of these courses. All of our courses are designed for a diverse and global audience.
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Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations (Leuphana)

In this MOOC, participants learn about challenges for cultural managers, acquire marketing and management skills and gain direct insights into four contemporary arts organizations, while sharing their ideas with an international learning community.

Psychology of Negotiations (Leuphana)

In this course, participants will gain hands-on negotiation skills and work together in teams of five to learn more about the psychological processes of negotiations in the scope of Commons.