Oct 17th 2016

Microbiology and Forensic Science (Open2Study)

Come and explore the basics of Microbiology and Forensic Science so you can better understand the world around you. Have you ever thought about infectious diseases and why we get infected? What is the causative agent? In this course you will be touring through four modules, starting by taking a close look at the bacterial cell structure and functions which will then lead you to the study of viruses. You will go through the differences in the different types of cells which will allow you to distinguish the two major groups of bacteria and techniques. Next, you will focus on Forensic Microbiology, its history and how this discipline has evolved. Finally, we will look at the latest molecular techniques used for detecting microbes’ genetic material.

What will you learn?

- Bacterial cell structure and function

- Viruses and their structure

- How Forensic Microbiology has evolved

- Different types of Forensic Microbiology

- Differences in Forensic Science versus Forensic Microbiology

- How to read a scientific journal and review one in a case study

- Genotyping techniques

- The role of DNA and RNA in Microbiology and Forensic Science