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Nov 8th 2015

De nuevo la vida: transformaciones desde la Noviolencia es un curso en el ámbito de la investigación para la paz, como aporte al campo específico de la Noviolencia, que se evidencia como una propuesta de transformación cultural; es decir que se plantea la misma como una cultura que emerge

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Aug 27th 2014

Identify the historical and cultural systems driving globalization and changing societies around the world.

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An overview of the interactions among "7" major cultural traditions (Judeo-Christian, Graeco-Roman, Chinese, Indian, African, American Indian, Islamic) from c.e. 1500.

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Cultural Psychology reviews the cultural, community, and ecological factors that play a role in how people perceive their environment. It is the integration of the nature and nurture phenomenas, whereby an individual’s psyche is determined, or at least influenced, by both that individual’s culture and those other cultures to which the individual is exposed.

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