Apr 27th 2016

Mastering Quantum Mechanics Part 3: Entanglement and Angular Momentum (edX)

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Learn about entanglement and Bell inequalities, representations and addition of angular momentum, and central potentials.

This physics course introduces the concept of tensor product states to discuss entanglement and Bell inequalities. You will learn about angular momentum and its representations. This is used to understand the spectrum of central potentials and to introduce hidden symmetries. Lastly, you will learn about the addition of angular momentum and an algebraic approach to the hydrogen atom spectrum.

This is the last of three courses offering a sophisticated view of quantum mechanics and its proper mathematical foundation.
Part 1: Wave Mechanics
Part 2: Quantum Dynamics
Part 3: Entanglement and Angular Momentum

To follow this course you should have taken Part 1: Wave Mechanics, and Part 2: Quantum Dynamics.

Completing the 3-part Quantum Mechanics series will give you the necessary foundation to pursue advanced study or research at the graduate level in areas related to quantum mechanics.

What you'll learn:

- Entanglement and Bell inequality.

- Representations of Angular momentum.

- The Central Potential Problem.

- Addition of Angular Momentum.

- An algebraic approach to the hydrogen atom.