Jun 8th 2016

Introduction to Engineering Mathematics with Applications (edX)

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Learn basic engineering mathematics and how to apply basic mathematics to solve engineering problems. The goal of this mathematics course is to provide high school students and college freshmen an introduction to basic mathematics and especially show how mathematics is applied to solve fundamental engineering problems.

The aim of the course is to show the students why mathematics is important in an engineering career by demonstrating how simple engineering problems can be mathematically described and methodically analyzed to find a solution.

A number of applied examples from various engineering disciplines will be introduced, analyzed and solved.

What you'll learn:

- Numbers, Fractions, Units

- Linear Equations of one variable and Equation of a Line

- Quadratic Equations

- Trigonometry

- 2D Vectors

- Complex Numbers

- Sinusoids

- Systems of Linear Equations

- Derivatives

- Integrals

- Differential Equations