R. Stephen Gibbs

Dr. Gibbs spent a career in industry before moving to academia. For twenty years he was an Electronics Technician, working in communications electronics, cryptographic systems, aviation electronics, audio-visual system repair and maintenance, telephone system operation and maintenance, electronics technology instruction, and cellular network operation and maintenance. After earning his BSEE degree he continued working in the wireless industry performing technical training, managing technical sales support, and Project/Program management. During this time he also earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, and began teaching undergraduate Electrical Engineering courses at the university level. He is currently the Director of Engineering Online at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Introduction to Engineering Mathematics with Applications (edX)

Learn basic engineering mathematics and how to apply basic mathematics to solve engineering problems. The goal of this mathematics course is to provide high school students and college freshmen an introduction to basic mathematics and especially show how mathematics is applied to solve fundamental engineering [...]