Mar 7th 2016

High performance ceramic materials (FUN)

What are ceramics? Do you know why ceramic materials are often used at very high temperatures?
This course explains why their thermal and mechanical properties are remarkable.

With what and how are catalytic converters and space shuttles tiles made?

Why is the inside of a household waste incineration furnace resistant to high temperature and thermal shock?

The answers to these questions have a common point. They relate to ceramic materials...

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the field of ceramic science and engineering. More particularly, it is about a specific topic, that of high performance refractory ceramics present in multiple applications such as aerospace, automobiles, buildings etc. For this, after defining the term "ceramic", we will present some major fabrication methods, the structure of these materials at different scales and lastly the remarkable thermal and mechanical properties.

At the end of this MOOC, you should know how to make a refractory ceramic product and what properties it has.

This course is for students, professionals in industry, retired persons or anyone who is simply curious.