Ceramic Materials

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Advanced Functional Ceramics (Coursera)

Oct 18th 2021
Advanced Functional Ceramics (Coursera)
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To realize next-generation devices, novel ceramic materials with ultimate physical and chemical properties are required. For this purpose, a few intrinsic and extrinsic approaches for the development of new functional ceramics are proceeding. This course provides the fundamentals of functional ceramics and the materials design rules for developing advanced [...]
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Technology of modern composite materials with carbon fillers (Coursera)

The course will help train specialists in the field of processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, creating effective chemical means for protecting agricultural plants and animals, new materials, including advanced alloys (superalloys), advanced polymers, advanced composite materials, advanced ceramic materials, metal powders and metal-powder compositions, and metamaterials. The purpose of [...]
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High performance ceramic materials (FUN)

With what and how are catalytic converters and space shuttles tiles made? Why is the inside of a household waste incineration furnace resistant to high temperature and thermal shock? The answers to these questions have a common point. They relate to ceramic materials... The aim of this [...]
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