Feb 8th 2016

Climate Change and Health (iversity)

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IPPC authors & experts from 10 countries answer the following questions: Which diseases will increase? Which populations are vulnerable? What can the world do to limit the impact of climate change on health? What policies are needed?

Climate change is currently at the center of the world’s attention, with delegations from more than 190 countries meeting in Paris for the COP21 to negotiate an agreement how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming under 2°C.

There are not many world citizens who do not have their children’s and their own health as a top priority. So why is health not more prominent topic in the debate on climate change and its impacts? We hear a lot about polar bears and smokestacks in the media, but very little on the many and the large health impacts of climate change. With this MOOC, we want to provide state-of-the art evidence of the link between climate change and the health of populations.