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Since 1997, Prof. Rainer Sauerborn has been the Chair of Public Health at Heidelberg University. He has a long-standing track record of service and research in Africa and Asia on health systems with a particular focus on climate change and health.

Rainer Sauerborn was lead author of the health chapter of the recent assessment report of the IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate change. He served as an advisor to the German Federal Government on “Global Environmental Changes” from 2000-2004.

Follow the link to his profile to learn more about his professional background and experience.

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Feb 6th 2017

Le MOOC «Changement climatique et santé dans le contexte africain» ne se contente pas de fournir des explications sur la réalité du changement climatique et de ses impacts sanitaires en Afrique, il constitue un véritable espace de réflexion en commun sur la meilleure façon de se préparer, s'adapter et prévenir au mieux les risques sur la santé.

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Feb 8th 2016

IPPC authors & experts from 10 countries answer the following questions: Which diseases will increase? Which populations are vulnerable? What can the world do to limit the impact of climate change on health? What policies are needed?

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Oct 13th 2015

This course teaches you why health is a central theme and motivator in climate policy. Enrol today and apply your learnings to climate policy and negotiations, on both national or international levels.

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