Climate Policy

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ESG and Climate Change (Coursera)

Aug 15th 2022
ESG and Climate Change (Coursera)
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In this course, you will focus on understanding climate change and the risks and opportunities that it creates for businesses in the 21st century. You will analyze the current impacts of climate change on a global scale, and the investment shifts that are required to achieve a net-zero economy. [...]
Aug 15th 2022
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Climate change and Indigenous People and local communities (Coursera)

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its impacts vary among different social groups, who perceive and adapt to climate change impacts in different ways. In this course, you will: a) understand the different debates around climate change impacts on Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLC); b) familiarize yourself [...]

Global Energy and Climate Policy (Coursera)

The Global Energy and Climate Policy course offers an introduction to the theoretical and practical understanding of how energy and climate change policies are designed, shaped, advocated and implemented. As energy markets go truly global, domestic energy policies are becoming more and more entangled with wider issues of international [...]

Marchés du Carbone : Examen des Politiques de l’UE pour l’Action Climatique Transnationale (FutureLearn)

Explorez les politiques actuelles créées par l'UE, et évaluez leurs efficacités dans la promotion de l'action climatique mondiale. Comprendre et évaluer les mesures prises pour créer un cadre de politique climat. Alors que l’impact du changement climatique continue d’affecter notre planète, il est impératif que notre communauté mondiale se [...]

Carbon Markets: Examining EU Policies for Transnational Climate Action (FutureLearn)

Explore the current policies being created by the EU and assess their efficacy in promoting global climate action. Understand and evaluate the steps taken to create a climate policy framework. As the impact of climate change continues to affect our planet, it’s imperative that our global community fights to [...]

Climate Change & Health for Policy-Makers (iversity)

This course teaches you why health is a central theme and motivator in climate policy. Enrol today and apply your learnings to climate policy and negotiations, on both national or international levels.