Wound Care for Facility-Based Healthcare Practitioners Professional Certificate

What you will learn
- Acute and Chronic Wounds: Understand the damage to the skin and the underlying structures and determine the type of wounds based on the etiology.
- Wound Care Treatment Options: Review the approach to wound dressing choices and the vital role that moisture plays in promoting faster healing for your patients.
- Nutrition: Identify how to stimulate patients’ appetites so they receive the necessary nutrients and calories needed to restore health and recover from their wounds.
- Support Surfaces: Learn the mechanical forces involved in the development of pressure wounds to easily identify the support surfaces that best meet your patients’ needs.
- ...and 10 other topics written and presented by wound care physicians!

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Advanced Wound Management and Treatment (edX)

Vohra’s team of specialty wound care experts created this straightforward wound care course to assist those interested in furthering their careers, in providing better care, or in expanding their knowledge base. This course gives learners the know-how necessary to properly care for wounds in the geriatric population. Vohra’s physicians [...]