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Cuidado de heridas en el ámbito hospitalario (Coursera)

El manejo de heridas ha cambiado radicalmente en los últimos años, a través del desarrollo de evidencia científica. A lo largo de su vida profesional, todo personal de la salud se enfrentará al paciente con heridas, lo cual requiere conocimientos actualizados y efectivos. Por ello, en este curso UNAM [...]

Stayin’ Alive! First aid in Emergency (Coursera)

This course introduces the basic actions that should be performed by eyewitnesses right at an emergency scene. The course consists of 5 blocks: a) first aid for heart arrest (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation); b) first aid for airway obstruction and drowning; c) first aid for bleeding, injuries, trauma; d) first [...]

Advanced Wound Management and Treatment (edX)

Vohra’s team of specialty wound care experts created this straightforward wound care course to assist those interested in furthering their careers, in providing better care, or in expanding their knowledge base. This course gives learners the know-how necessary to properly care for wounds in the geriatric population. Vohra’s physicians [...]

First Aid for Babies and Children (FutureLearn)

Learn life-saving skills to treat choking, burns, wounds or cardiac arrest in children through this free online first aid course. Each year around 830,000 children die as a result of an accidental injury – whether from road traffic crashes, drowning, burns, falls or poisoning. When a medical professional is [...]