Social Work: Perspectives on Trauma and Wellness Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Describe the effects of trauma and stress on the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of the individual and community.
- Understand the benefits and challenges of implementing healing centered and trauma informed care practices.
- Recognize the benefits of wellness tools to regulate the nervous system and create balance in life.
- Apply wellness strategies and tools into your own work and life to combat burnout and compassion fatigue.
- Examine your own cultural backgrounds and identities to increase awareness of personal assumptions, values, and biases.

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Valuing Diverse Perspectives in Social Work (edX)

This course explores and critically examines diverse ways of knowing about experiences related to the concepts of trauma and wellness, both individually and collectively, and builds upon wellness strategies that focus on context, culture, and lived experience across the lifespan.

Embracing the Whole Person in Social Work (edX)

This course will explore trauma and wellness from a holistic, systems approach, emphasizing connections, relationships, strengths-based, resilience, post-traumatic growth, and healing and wellness. Complex problems require complex solutions; there is no one size fits all approach.