Information Privacy

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Fundamental Privacy Acts and Laws (Coursera)

In this path we will explore The US Federal Government Branch and Information Privacy. We will also cover US healthcare privacy related laws and privacy compliance including HIPAA, HITECH, GINA and more.

IBM Data Privacy for Information Architecture (Coursera)

May 27th 2024
IBM Data Privacy for Information Architecture (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Data privacy controls how information is collected, used, shared, and disposed of, in accordance with policies or external laws and regulations. In this course, students will gain an understanding of what data privacy is along with how to identify and understand typical data protection and privatization objectives that an [...]

Data Privacy Fundamentals (Coursera)

This course is designed to introduce data privacy to a wide audience and help each participant see how data privacy has evolved as a compelling concern to public and private organizations as well as individuals. In this course, you will hear from legal and technical experts and practitioners who [...]

Privacy Law and Data Protection (Coursera)

What does it take to comply with privacy laws? In this course, we’ll look at the practical aspects of navigating the complex landscape of privacy requirements. Better understanding privacy laws and data protection will enable you to protect your organization and the constituents that depend on your organization to [...]

Impact, Ethics, and Issues with Generative AI (edX)

In this course, you will learn about the socioeconomic impacts of generative AI and related issues such as job and copyright implications. You will also explore the ethical concerns related to generative AI and examine how to use it responsibly.