Privacy Fundamentals Specialization

The Privacy Fundamentals course introduces students to fundamental privacy concepts, frameworks and laws.
This specialization provides students with a foundational knowledge of important information privacy concepts and topics, and introduces students to several privacy-related frameworks, guidance, and standards used globally.

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Introduction to Privacy - Part 3 (Coursera)

Part 3 of the Privacy Fundamentals explores information security and data protection and how to manage a security breach. We will also take a look at continual improvement which includes understanding performance, exploring metrics, different audit methodologies and more.

Introduction to Privacy - Part 2 (Coursera)

Part 2 of the Privacy Fundamentals course will cover data assessments, documentation and privacy rights. We will also explore different training methods including competency based training.

Introduction to Privacy - Part 1 (Coursera)

This course will explore how to create a privacy program including the dangers, challenges and methods. We will also explore concepts like Privacy governance, Privacy program frameworks and discuss existing legal, standards and frameworks that can be utilized to build your privacy program.

Fundamental Privacy Acts and Laws (Coursera)

In this path we will explore The US Federal Government Branch and Information Privacy. We will also cover US healthcare privacy related laws and privacy compliance including HIPAA, HITECH, GINA and more.