High Performance Computing

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Introduction to High-Performance and Parallel Computing (Coursera)

This course introduces the fundamentals of high-performance and parallel computing. It is targeted to scientists, engineers, scholars, really everyone seeking to develop the software skills necessary for work in parallel software environments. These skills include big-data analysis, machine learning, parallel programming, and optimization. We will cover the basics of [...]

High Performance Computing (Udacity)

The goal of this course is to give you solid foundations for developing, analyzing, and implementing parallel and locality-efficient algorithms. This course focuses on theoretical underpinnings. To give a practical feeling for how algorithms map to and behave on real systems, we will supplement algorithmic theory with hands-on exercises [...]

Introduction to Computational Materials Design (edX)

Self Paced
Introduction to Computational Materials Design (edX)
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The purpose of this course is to analyze the present status and possibilities of computational materials design and to implement a new paradigm of material science by learning basic cutting-edge computational methods and designing materials using quantum simulation program codes.

Python in High Performance Computing (FutureLearn)

Learn how to analyse Python programmes and identify performance barriers to help you work more efficiently. Speed up Python programs using optimisation and parallelisation techniques.

High Performance Computing in the Cloud (FutureLearn)

Understand the benefits and challenges of using cloud computing for high performance computing (HPC) workloads. This online course provides an advanced, graduate-level introduction to using cloud computing for high performance computing (HPC) workloads.