Osaka University

Osaka University is fully committed to producing leaders for tomorrow, individuals capable of conducting research that probes "beneath the surface." Noted for outstanding research in immunology, robotics, photonics, and much more, Osaka University boasts 11 undergraduate schools, 16 graduate schools and 29 research institutions and centers.
Moreover, while its roots reach back to 1838, Osaka University researches for the future through its Institute for Academic Initiatives, a body devoted to planning both strategy and curriculum for tomorrow's Japan and a globalized world.
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Introduction to Computational Materials Design (edX)

Self Paced
Introduction to Computational Materials Design (edX)
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The purpose of this course is to analyze the present status and possibilities of computational materials design and to implement a new paradigm of material science by learning basic cutting-edge computational methods and designing materials using quantum simulation program codes.
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Metabolomics in Life Sciences (edX)

Learn about metabolomics principles and their applications in life sciences. This course is an introduction to metabolomics principles and their applications in various fields of life sciences.
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Introduction to Applied Biostatistics: Statistics for Medical Research (edX)

Learn data analysis for medical research with practical hands-on examples using R Commander. Want to learn how to analyze real-world medical data, but unsure where to begin? This Applied Biostatistics course provides an introduction to important topics in medical statistical concepts and reasoning. [...]
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The Immune System: New Developments in Research - Part 1 (edX)

Basic principles of immunology including the latest topics leading to novel therapeutic approaches.
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