Mass Spectrometry

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Experimental Methods in Systems Biology (Coursera)

Learn about the technologies underlying experimentation used in systems biology, with particular focus on RNA sequencing, mass spec-based proteomics, flow/mass cytometry and live-cell imaging. A key driver of the systems biology field is the technology allowing us to delve deeper and wider into how cells respond to experimental perturbations. [...]

Identifying Food Fraud (FutureLearn)

Oct 5th 2020
Identifying Food Fraud (FutureLearn)
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An introduction to modern analytical science techniques and how they can be used to uncover food fraud. The food industry is one of the most important commercial sectors in the world. Everyone uses it, but how many people abuse it? As we witness the increasing globalisation of the supply [...]

Metabolomics in Life Sciences (edX)

Learn about metabolomics principles and their applications in life sciences. This course is an introduction to metabolomics principles and their applications in various fields of life sciences.