Design Thinking MicroMasters

Learn one of today’s most sought-after skills, design thinking, to help you develop new and innovative product and service solutions.
Innovation. Creativity. Strategic thinking. In the past year, more than 279,000 job postings have listed these skills. Another 239,000 mention design thinking.
Why has design thinking become one of the most sought-after skills? Employers are looking for problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills to enhance the capabilities of their employees to lead their companies into a successful future. Design thinking was developed out of the processes used by designers including user understanding and user experience, however, its application may be used to address non-product oriented problems as well –from innovating new product or service possibilities to implementing procedural change, or identifying a new strategic direction for the company.
In the Design Thinking MicroMasters program, you will learn how to use the design thinking process to solve problems creatively, collaboratively and empathetically. Earning the MicroMasters credential will equip you with knowledge of the processes and techniques used to solve problems and innovate in the workplace.

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Design Thinking: Prototyping and User Testing (edX)

Learn the importance of prototyping and user testing solutions before going to market and how to assess and evaluate solutions post-launch. Creating prototypes puts a proposed solution into action. In this course, you will learn the value of prototypes and user testing as critical components of the design thinking [...]

Design Thinking: Ideation, Iteration and Communication (edX)

Learn how ideas transform into solutions through iteration and validation along with best practices for communicating your solution to stakeholders. Designing a successful and innovative solution requires creative ideas and their iteration. As critical phases of the design thinking process, ideation and iteration are often what distinguish design thinking [...]

Design Thinking: Empathizing to Understand the Problem (edX)

Learn how to identify and understand product or business problems through active listening, empathy and user-focused research. When you immerse yourself in the context of the user, you can uncover pain points and find opportunities for improvement or innovation not always evident to your [...]

Design Thinking Fundamentals (edX)

Learn how a user-centered approach and design thinking principles inspire innovative ideas to create desirable solutions. This course provides an introduction to the foundational activities related to design thinking: a flexible, yet systematic process to define and solve problems. A common misconception is that design thinking requires artistry, but [...]