Big Data Technology MicroMasters

What you will learn:
- Identify, explain, and use Big Data infrastructure.
- Solve Big Data integration and storage problems.
- Perform various data analytics tasks using Big Data management and computing techniques.
- Investigate existing problems on Big Data and conduct original Big Data research.

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Big Data Technology Capstone Project (edX)

The Big Data Technology Capstone Project will allow you to apply the techniques and theory you have gained from the four courses in this MicroMasters program to a medium-scale project. In this capstone course, you will get an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that you have gained [...]

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (edX)

Learn how to discover knowledge in data via data mining. Data mining has recently emerged as a major field of research and applications. Aimed at extracting useful and interesting knowledge from large data repositories such as databases and the Web, data mining integrates techniques from the fields of database, [...]

Foundations of Data Analytics (edX)

Learn the fundamental techniques for data analytics and to be prepared for learning and applying more advanced big data technologies. Foundations of Data Analytics: This course will provide fundamental techniques for data analytics, including data collection, data extraction, data integration, data cleansing, and basic machine learning techniques. [...]