Animal Rights

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The Changing Status and Perception of Animals (Coursera)

In this course, we explore how mainstream understandings of animals and human-animal relationships have changed in recent years. Module 1 focuses on the roles of animals in human physical health and psychological well being. Module 2 explores animal selfhood, particularly in light of their inability to use spoken [...]

Animal Advocacy Introductory Course (Animal Advocacy Careers)

This online course will walk you through some of the key considerations involved in working to help animals and will help you plan your next steps. it will provide you with the knowledge that you need to start working out which career path will enable you to maximise your [...]

Introduction to Animal Ethics (edX)

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Introduction to Animal Ethics (edX)
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Learn about what ethical issues arise in human-animal relationships, and how to think about such issues systematically. The course utilizes Manga as a study aid. Why do many of us who eat pigs condemn those who eat dogs? Is there any difference between lab mice and companion hamsters that [...]