Thibault Kuntzer

Thibault Kuntzer is a PhD student in cosmology at EPFL. He is interested in data analysis and preparation of the next large ESA mission: the Euclid satellite, devoted to the study of cosmological parameters. He is also part of the engineering team for the ESA small class CHEOPS satellite that will characterize exoplanets. He obtained his Master in Physics and Minor in Space Technologies in 2013 from EPFL.

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Introduction to Astrophysics (edX)

Learn about the physical phenomena at play in astronomical objects and link theoretical predictions to observations. How can we study the Universe we live in using the only available information it provides us with: light ?

Introduction à l'astrophysique (edX)

Ce cours décrit les principaux concepts physiques utilisés en astrophysique. Il est proposé à l'EPFL aux étudiants de 2eme année de Bachelor en physique. Comment étudier l'Univers dans lequel nous vivons en utilisant la seule information qu'il nous envoie: la lumière ?