Thibault Kuntzer




Thibault Kuntzer is a PhD student in cosmology at EPFL. He is interested in data analysis and preparation of the next large ESA mission: the Euclid satellite, devoted to the study of cosmological parameters. He is also part of the engineering team for the ESA small class CHEOPS satellite that will characterize exoplanets. He obtained his Master in Physics and Minor in Space Technologies in 2013 from EPFL.

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Feb 22nd 2017

Learn the concepts used in the design of space missions, manned or unmanned and operations, based on the professional experience of the lecturer. Space exploration is truly fascinating. From the Sputnik mission to the assembly and exploitation of the International Space Station or the Apollo program, we are just beginning to uncover the many mysteries of our universe!

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Ce cours décrit les principaux concepts physiques utilisés en astrophysique. Il est proposé à l'EPFL aux étudiants de 2eme année de Bachelor en physique.

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