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Sep 25th 2017

This is an introductory astronomy survey class that covers our understanding of the physical universe and its major constituents, including planetary systems, stars, galaxies, black holes, quasars, larger structures, and the universe as a whole.

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Sep 25th 2017

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about modern astronomy. We will help you get up to date on the most recent astronomical discoveries while also providing support at an introductory level for those who have no background in science.

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Sep 11th 2017

An introduction to modern astronomy's most important questions. The four sections of the course are Planets and Life in The Universe; The Life of Stars; Galaxies and Their Environments; The History of The Universe.

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Ce cours décrit les principaux concepts physiques utilisés en astrophysique. Il est proposé à l'EPFL aux étudiants de 2eme année de Bachelor en physique.

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Jan 9th 2017

Explore the night sky, discover how stars formed and find out about exoplanets, all through the constellation of Orion. From the basics of astronomy and stargazing, to the science behind the birth of a star, this four week course will change the way you see the night sky. You’ll examine one of the most famous constellations, Orion, who the Ancient Greeks believed was a huntsman placed amongst the stars by Zeus himself.

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Jun 28th 2016

Explore the universe through physics from the smallest micro particle to the vastness of galaxies. In this physics course, you will learn about the structure and function of our universe, from the micro-world of quantum fields and atoms up to the mega-world of stars and galaxies. You will learn about the objective laws governing the physical world and about methods, provided mainly by physics, which allow us to obtain such knowledge.

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Jun 2nd 2015

Alien Worlds will explore the techniques that are used to discover and characterize the thousands of planets (called exoplanets) known outside of our solar system.

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May 4th 2015

Astrophysique, astronomie et cosmologie étudient étoiles, trous noirs, Big Bang... Nous tenterons de répondre aux interrogations fondamentales sur les origines des planètes, des étoiles, des galaxies et de l'Univers.

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Mar 2nd 2015

Peut-on vivre sur Mars ? Quelle est l'exoplanète habitable la plus proche ? Combien d'étoiles naissent par an dans une galaxie ? Et la Terre, d'où vient-elle ? Ce MOOC aborde notre compréhension actuelle de l'univers.

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Apr 22nd 2014

A survey of the physical universe and its constituents, including the formation, function, and evolution of stars, galaxies, black holes, quasars, and more.

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