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Comprendre les Microcontrôleurs (Coursera)

Ce cours donne les bases théoriques et pratiques nécessaires à une bonne compréhension et utilisation des microcontrôleurs. De nombreux exemples seront abordés. Des exercices seront proposés, compatibles avec les cartes à microcontrôleurs Arduino ou LaunchPad MSP430G.

Neuroscience Reconstructed: Genetics and Development (edX)

This course will cover the basic concepts in neurogenetics; introduce the fields of genomics, transcriptomics, translatomics; classical and cutting-edge experimental approaches; and how integrative simulation can be used to derive biological meaning from genetics data and build bridges from genetics all the way to [...]

Advanced statistical physics (edX)

We explore statistical physics in both classical and open quantum systems. Additionally, we will cover probabilistic data analysis that is extremely useful in many applications. This course covers non-equilibrium statistical processes and the treatment of fluctuation dissipation relations by Einstein, Boltzmann and Kubo. Moreover, the fundamentals of Markov processes, [...]

Teaching Science and Engineering (edX)

This MOOC is designed to help doctoral teaching assistants develop their teaching skills in scientific and engineering disciplines at university level. The MOOC will address what to do when you teach as well as explaining why these approaches work.

Synchrotrons and X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers – techniques and applications (edX)

The first MOOC to provide an extensive introduction to synchrotron and XFEL facilities and associated techniques. Are you interested in investigating materials and their properties with unsurpassed accuracy and fidelity? Synchrotrons and XFELs count as Science’s premier microscopic tool in scientific endeavours as diverse as molecular biology, environmental science, [...]

New Space Economy (edX)

The New Space Economy is a fast-growing market, driven by the commercialization of the historical institutional space sector. This course contains more than 30 videos-lectures from space experts from various fields.

Housing and Cities (edX)

Explore how housing defines urban identity. Housing and Cities is a design-oriented architecture course that focuses on key moments of European urban housing history. It looks into ordinary or replicated housing types of different social classes that contributed to the definition of urban identity across borders and [...]

Algèbre Linéaire (Partie 3) (edX)

Un MOOC francophone d'algèbre linéaire accessible à tous, enseigné de manière rigoureuse et ne nécessitant aucun prérequis. Vous voulez apprendre l'algèbre linéaire, un précieux outil complémentaire à vos connaissances acquises durant vos études en économie, ingénierie, physique, ou statistique? Ou simplement pour la beauté de la matière? Alors ce [...]

Simulating a Hippocampus Microcircuit (edX)

In this course, you will learn to simulate, analyze and visualize hippocampal microcircuits. You will reproduce experimental protocols “in silico” to validate simulated microcircuit behaviors, and leverage the brain simulation platform to gain insights towards parsimonious theories on brain function. Simulation Neuroscience is an emerging approach to integrate the [...]