Susie Calkins

Susanna is the Interim Center Director of the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching at Northwestern University, and also leads many of the faculty development initiatives. She holds a doctorate and master's degree in history from Purdue University and a master's degree in education from Northwestern University. Her recent projects and publications have focused on inclusive teaching, conceptions of teaching, student learning and online teaching. Her teaching interests include learning and teaching in higher education, the history and philosophy of higher education, early modern history, and world history. She is a co-PI on several grants, including a multi-institutional NSF-IUSE grant focusing on creating an online course for inclusive teaching in STEM and a NRT grant to help the Center for Synthetic Biology develop an innovative graduate curriculum in synthetic biology. She is co-author of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: The Reflective Professional (Sage, 2009) and Ashwin, P., Boud, D., Calkins, S. Coate, K., Hallett, F., Keane, E, Light, G. Reflective Teaching in Higher Education (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020), as well as over thirty peer-reviewed publications related to learning and teaching in higher education.

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The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project (edX)

Oct 11th 2021
The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project (edX)
Course Auditing
The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project is a 6 week course designed to advance the awareness, self-efficacy, and the ability of faculty, postdocs, and doctoral students to cultivate inclusive STEM learning environments for all their students and to develop themselves as reflective, inclusive [...]
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