Federico De Masi

After many years at the bench and many more as a bioinformatician, I am now spending most of my professional time managing and coordinating data and computing infrastructure for a major pan-European, IMI funded, project on diabetes research (DIRECT). I do still do research, both on my Stem Cell projects and on new exciting fields in systems biology of regulatory networks. Teaching-wise, I am course coordinator of a post-Masters course (IPR and Value creation in biotechnology). I do also participate in the "BioBusiness and Innovation Platform" (BBIP) Masters programme at the Copenhagen Business School. Specialties: - Biological Networks: Protein-DNA Interactions (Protein Binding Microarrays) integrated with protein-protein interaction data; Protein-Protein and Antibody-Antigen interactions (Protein arrays) - Microarray development and analysis: design of protein-protein and DNA-protein microarray experiments; data analysis methods and pipelines for microarray experiments; - NGS: ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq analysis pipelines; Galaxy and UCSC Genome Browser set-up and administration

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Patenting in Biotechnology (Coursera)

Far too often, researchers are misinformed about the role and the possibilities arising around patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). In this course we will teach you what IPR are - with a special focus on patents. Also this course will look at the importance of patents in the [...]