Emad Yaghmaei

Emad Yaghmaei is a researcher at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at TU Delft. His research interests cover innovation management issues arising from the intersections of science, technology, and society. The emphasis of his research and consulting is on innovation and technology management of emerging technologies such as ICT to identify and work on the social impacts of those technologies. He has been working on monitoring industry’ business innovation across non-financial values and creating real value for their business, customers, and business partners. He is currently focusing on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles in an industrial context to demonstrate how industry can work productively together with societal actors and integrate methodologies of RRI into research and innovation processes.

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Innovation Strategies for Socially Responsible Firms (edX)

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Innovation Strategies for Socially Responsible Firms (edX)
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Acquire the knowledge and competencies needed to align societal and ethical values with commercial interests as part of your company’s innovation strategy. How can you assess and address uncertainties, potential risks and public and ethical concerns surrounding your innovation projects? How can you ensure that new products and services [...]