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Strategic Staffing (SoundviewPro)

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What does it take to put together a winning team in your organization? Human Resource Senior Professional Caroline Black will show you how to find and hire the best in today’s tough labor market. Learn the best methods to move people into, through and out of your organization.

Be More Strategic In the Search for Talent. Strategy is a term that is applied to many areas of business but is often overlooked in the critical function of human resources. Caroline Black will provide you with four highly effective classes in which you’ll learn the best practices to bring in great people, keep them engaged and develop them to the fullness of their potential. You’ll learn the four types of business-level strategies and how they apply to human capital. You’ll gain perspective on the best methods for sourcing high-potential recruits. Onboarding is broken down into its key components to give you a better grasp on this frequently misunderstood phase of the hiring process. Black also a variety of helpful suggestions, backed by research, for developing your employees. The last class in the course gives you valuable information on retaining your successful employees. You’ll also learn a method to handle the difficult task of separating an employee from your organization.

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