Oct 4th 2016

Smart Grids: Electricity for the Future (edX)

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Learn why smart grids are key to modernizing our current electrical system to optimize the conservation and delivery of power. Ever wondered why you hear the term “smart grid” so often these days, and what it’s all about? This engineering course will explain the essential nature of the smart grid, an electricity network based on digital technology, and the importance of grid modernization.

This course will provide high-level insight into a smart grid’s many aspects such as distributed energy, energy storage, transmission and distribution automation, microgrids, demand response, data analytics, and cyber security.

This course builds an understanding of key smart grid technologies both from a utility and customer perspective. It delivers a business perspective through cost-benefit analysis, market adoption, and industry mega trends.

It concludes by laying out a typical roadmap for the progression of smart grids, along with an implementation methodology for realizing it.

No previous power systems or utility industry knowledge needed. Simply sit back and enjoy your journey through the world of Smart Grid.

What you'll learn:

- Key Drivers and Dimensions of Smart Grid

- Cost-Benefit Analysis and Smart Grid Adoption Worldwide

- Core Utility Technology Solutions

- Smart Grid Roadmap and Implementation Methodology

- Major Smart Grid Projects around the World