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Jun 5th 2017

Learn how Global Systems Science can inform and model the impact of social, economic, political and environmental policy making. Policy is the art of achieving a desired outcome in the presence of constraints and differing priorities. Policy is largely a coordination problem.

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Jun 5th 2017

Learn how to use systems and complexity thinking to address a variety of social, managerial and policy problems. This free online course addresses the practical problems that arise in social systems in the context of management and public policy at local, regional and global levels. It is problem-oriented, providing you with both the theoretical understanding and practical tools, to find and implement solutions to organisational and social problems.

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Self Paced

Learn how to build Web sites using HTML5 and basic CSS, directly from W3C, creator of the latest Web standards. This course was developed in partnership between W3C and Intel®. Learn the basics of Web design and style to give your Web sites a professional look and feel. The Intel® XDK team and experts from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will guide you step-by-step in how to use the latest Web standards to create a site to be proud of.

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May 10th 2017

Un curso sobre las cuentas macroeconómicas, sus interrelaciones y análisis de la evolución económica. ¿Cuán sana es una economía? ¿Qué puede hacer la política económica para mantener o restablecer la salud de una economía? Estas preguntas están en el centro de la programación financiera. En nuestro curso PPF usted aprenderá los conceptos fundamentales para responder a estas preguntas.

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May 3rd 2017

Prepare for the TOEFL® test and learn how to improve your score and English language skills from the experts who create the exam. This test preparation course, developed by the experts who create, administer and score the TOEFL® test, will help English language learners improve their skills.

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Mar 1st 2017

Learn from prominent government and international organization leaders about innovations to finance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this international development finance course, you will learn about the critical role of the private sector and the use of finance, including innovative solutions to fund the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , to help meet the World Bank Group goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity by 2030.

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Jan 25th 2017

Learn the fundamentals of finance that are essential for both investors and policymakers. In this IMFx course you will learn, from hands-on demonstrations, how to price different types of bonds, how to calculate different measures of bond yields and how to compare them across different types of instruments. You will become familiar with the term structure of interest rates, a key ingredient in establishing benchmark rates used to price securities in the markets and a valuable tool for monetary policy design and diagnosis.

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Nov 14th 2016

El curso aborda la desnutrición como problema multicausal que precisa trabajar en una nueva estrategia multisectorial. Se ofrecen herramientas para la puesta en práctica de un programa integrado desde el agua y el saneamiento, la seguridad alimentaria, la nutrición y la salud.

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Nov 14th 2016

Understand how we can balance human needs with caring for the planet with this free online course about climate change. Climate change is a global problem we all must face. This course will deal with some of the key issues related to the ethical dimensions implied by climate change – learning especially from the problems faced as well as the resilience models formulated by the marginalized sectors of society or the so-called “Global South”.

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Oct 4th 2016

Learn why smart grids are key to modernizing our current electrical system to optimize the conservation and delivery of power. Ever wondered why you hear the term “smart grid” so often these days, and what it’s all about? This engineering course will explain the essential nature of the smart grid, an electricity network based on digital technology, and the importance of grid modernization.

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Oct 4th 2016

Learn about recent developments in distributed energy resources that are making Smart Grids more essential, including energy generation and storage. This engineering course presents a deep-dive into the Smart Grid dimensions of Distributed Energy and Electric Energy Storage, collectively termed Distributed Energy Resources or DERs.

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Sep 27th 2016

Learn how technical standards are key to product innovation and business success. Products and technologies that influence and transform the way we live, work, and communicate rely on the development of technical standards. Standards also fuel compatibility and interoperability, reduce costs and risk, simplify product development, enable innovation, hasten time-to-market for new products – and can help determine a company’s global competitiveness. Standards play a vital role in helping consumers understand and compare competing products, and give confidence to investors.

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Sep 12th 2016

Persons with disabilities are frequently marginalized in society and face numerous challenges in the enjoyment of their human rights. In the past such challenges were seen as an unavoidable consequence of their impairments. More recently, the introduction of a human rights-based model of disability has contributed to a shift in perceptions and attitudes. Viewing disability from a human rights standpoint implicates a change in the way States and all sectors of society consider persons with disabilities: no longer as recipients of medical care and charity or objects of others’ decisions, but holders of rights. This free and open to all MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively approach disability from a human rights perspective. Drawing from expertise and examples at the global and national level, it offers a multidisciplinary and multifaceted overview of historical developments, main standards, key issues, and current challenges in this area of human rights protection.

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Aug 31st 2016

Learn how to forecast macroeconomic accounts and design an economic program for a case study country. In this macroeconomics course, you will improve your skills in macroeconomic policy analysis and learn to design an economic and financial program, using real economic data. The financial programming exercise simulates what IMF (International Monetary Fund) desk economists routinely do in their country surveillance and program work.

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Aug 8th 2016

Explore how to make food systems more sustainable and resource-smart for our environment, health and food security. How can food systems become more sustainable in the face of population growth, urbanisation, and environmental degradation? How can a food systems approach help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? This course will explore how natural resources are currently used to take the food we eat from the field or ocean to our plates.

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Jun 29th 2016

Learn the fundamental concepts of a smart, healthy city and how smart cities deliver innovative, quality healthcare services. Smart Cities have enormous potential to improve the quality of life and assure access to healthcare services to an increasingly demanding population. Technologies are continuously improving and becoming more and more pervasive to better handle patients and their care.

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The Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance will give students the opportunity to advance their accounting knowledge and skills.

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Self Paced

The Professional Diploma in Business Studies is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue careers in accountancy or business.

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Self Paced

This Graduate Diploma in Business Studies is designed for students who wish to master their knowledge in general business.

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Jun 13th 2016

Ce cours vous permettra de comprendre les principes clés des PPP et le rôle qu’ils peuvent jouer dans la mise en place de services d’infrastructures, en particulier dans les économies émergentes. Les participants bénéficieront de l’expertise de praticiens, de hauts fonctionnaires d’état, et d’universitaires ayant une véritable expérience de terrain, sur les opportunités et les défis que présentent la mise en place et la maintenance d’infrastructures affectées aux services publics par des PPP efficaces.

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