Jul 31st 2017

Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction (Coursera)

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A unique and exciting introduction to the genre and craft of historical fiction, for curious students, aspiring authors--anyone with a passion for the past. Read classics of the genre, encounter bestselling writers of historical fiction, and discover your own historical archive while interacting with a global community of interested readers.


Week 1:Course Roadmap

Week 2: What is Historical Fiction?

Week 3: Poetry and Exile in Ancient Rome: Jane Alison

Week 4: Two Centuries of Historical Fiction

Week 5: 19th Century Historical Fiction

Week 6: Seminar with Katherine Howe

Week 7: Seminar with Geraldine Brooks

Week 8: Seminar with Mary Beth Keane

Week 9: Seminar with Yangsze Choo

Week 10: Dialogues in Historical Fiction

Week 11: Assignments and Wrap-Up

Week 12: Resources

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