Mar 20th 2017

Occupational Health in Developing Countries (FutureLearn)

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Learn how occupational health can reduce illnesses or injuries caused by working conditions, with this free online course.

This free online course provides an introduction to occupational health – a part of public health that is neglected in many developing countries, where industrial activity is increasing, but the health and safety of workers is hardly discussed.

The course will teach you basic knowledge of occupational health and how to prevent the development of diseases and injuries, which are caused by working conditions in developing countries.

After the course, you will understand:

- the basic concepts of occupational health;

- the tasks and structure of occupational health services;

- the most important risk factors for illness and injuries at workplaces globally;

- the major occupational diseases;

- the different steps in risk assessment at the workplace;

- the association between workplace exposure and health effects;

- and the main steps in preventing exposure to health hazards in the work environment.

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