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May 29th 2017

Evidence forms the basis of modern medicine. Clinical research provides us with this evidence, guiding health professionals towards solutions to problems that they face in daily practice. Transferring existing problems in medical practice to a research setting is a challenging process that requires careful consideration. The practice of clinical epidemiology aims to address this through the application of established approaches for research in human populations, while at all times focussing on the problem at hand from a clinical perspective.

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Apr 3rd 2017

Learn how physical exercise can help patients including those with cardiovascular disease, mental health problems and cancer. In the last few decades physical exercise has become well established as a tool to prevent and treat disease. Perceptions within the healthcare sector of exercise and its prescription as a treatment have changed dramatically in recent years.

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Jan 23rd 2017

Find out how and why you should engage patients and communities in the development of new healthcare technology and treatments. The development of healthcare treatments has given people hope to fight diseases. However, humans are born to be afraid of advanced technologies. As such, it is critical that medical professionals have the skills to explain the benefits of treatments to patients and, ideally, involve them in the development of new treatments in the first place.

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A proposta do curso é de atualização no uso de testes treponêmicos e não treponêmicos para o diagnóstico da sífilis e o monitoramento do tratamento. Aborda a história da sífilis no Brasil, os tipos de testes atualmente utilizados. Orienta o preparo da suspensão antigênica para a reação de VDRL e as estratégias de validação e interpretação dos resultados. Nesta perspectiva, atualiza na aplicação de procedimentos e na combinação dos testes para a interpretação dos resultados.

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Feb 26th 2016

New advancements and achievements in the field of HIV research occur every year. Join us for a practical course on the clinical management of HIV: the latest findings, guidelines and how to manage, treat and prevent HIV-related diseases.

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Feb 15th 2016

En este curso aprenderá a reconocer y valorar los factores psicosociales y las estrategias que facilitan a pacientes con enfermedad crónica (diabetes, hipertensión y VIH-sida, etc.), la adherencia al tratamiento y el impacto en su calidad de vida.

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