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Environmental Health: the Foundation of Global Public Health (Coursera)

Mar 4th 2024
Environmental Health: the Foundation of Global Public Health (Coursera)
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The first course of the Impacts of the Environment on Global Public Health specialization will provide you with a foundation in environmental health sciences (EHS). We will explore four main topics. The first is an introduction to EHS and the exposure-disease model – a very useful framework for understanding [...]

Occupational Health in Developing Countries (FutureLearn)

Get a global perspective on occupational health and safety and learn how it reduces workplace injury on this CPD-certified course. Learn how to work on the issue of occupational health in a low-income setting. Occupational health is a neglected part of public health in many developing countries where industrial [...]

Leadership Skills Development for Occupational Therapists (edX)

The Leadership Skills Development MOOC for Occupational Therapists will support course participants to gain insights into their leadership potential, values and preferences. Together we will explore leadership through an occupational therapy lens, enhance leadership skills and develop a leadership vision for the [...]