Jul 31st 2017

Managing Your Money: MBA Insights for Undergraduates (Coursera)

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This course will use as its foundation the principles of managerial economics and draw in a multidisciplinary way upon other disciplines in business education.The goal of the course is to introduce college students in a very practical and useful way to the concepts of time and money management along with career and life planning.


Week 1:

What's In Your Budget?

To Credit or Debit Card – That’s the Question!

Week 2:

How To Build Your Credit & Boost Your Credit Score

What’s the Deal With Loans?

Week 3:

Some Saving and Investment Basics

A Simulating Guide to the Stock Market

Week 4:

So Do I Have To Start Paying Taxes Now?

Am I Too Young To Mess With Insurance?

Week 5:

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

What the Best MBAs Know

Final Exam

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