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Leaders in Global Development (edX)

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Learn key leadership skills, concepts and theories needed to be a successful leader in development and determine your own leadership style within different development contexts. Are you working in the development sector and looking to take the next step in your career and take on a leadership role? This business and management course is an introduction to key leadership theories and concepts that you will need to be an effective leader and manager. You will learn how leadership is different from management.

You will learn practical skills needed to build a shared vision, and lead across boundaries. You will learn to recognise your own leadership style, and the leadership styles of others. You will learn the different types of power, and tools for gaining legitimacy in your development work.

Upon course completion, you will be prepared to take on leadership roles in development and work effectively across geographical, cultural, organizational and disciplinary boundaries.

You will also develop a personalized leadership plan throughout the course, which will help you continue your leadership journey after you complete the MOOC.

This is the first course in the Leadership in Global Development MicroMasters Program. In order to get the most out of this course, we recommend that you complete this course prior to completing the other courses in the MicroMasters Program. We also recommend that you have experience working in the development sector or a strong interest in this area.

What you'll learn

- To understand the importance of leadership in the development sector

- To engage in self-leadership, by building self-awareness about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader in the context of global development

- To understand different forms of leadership that are relevant to the development sector, and the key to successfully engaging in these forms of leadership

- To identify techniques to ethically build power (the potential to influence) and design influence strategies

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Introduction to Leadership

Introduction to the concept of leadership in the context of global development, and the differences between leadership and management.

Week 2: Self-Leadership

Highlights the importance of self-leadership and provides guidance on how to engage in self-leadership.

Week 3: Team, Transformational and Authentic Leadership

Introduction to three groups of leadership theories – team leadership, transformational leadership and authentic leadership.

Week 4: Wise Leadership

Introduction to wise leadership including understanding how wisdom is theorized in contemporary times and its relevance to global development.

Week 5: Leadership Contexts, Roles and Styles

Introduction to the different possible leadership roles and styles, and highlights the importance of context.

Week 6: Adaptive Leadership to Address Challenges

Exploration of the relevance of adaptive leadership in global development.

Week 7: Power, Legitimacy, Politics and Influence

Discussion of the different types of power a leader may need to access, and how to maintain legitimacy.

Week 8: Leading Across Boundaries

Exploration of how to be a successful leader across geographical, cultural, organisational and disciplinary boundaries.

Week 9: Principles and Methods of Leadership Development

Analysis of key principles and methods of successful leadership, and suggestions for how to grow as a leader throughout your career.

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