Jul 17th 2017

Creativity & Entrepreneurship (edX)

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Learn skills and listen to examples from world-renown entrepreneurs and innovators as they discuss the parallels between the creative and entrepreneurial journeys -- and why entrepreneurship, much like music or creativity, is something we all possess. Creativity & Entrepreneurship will help you tap into your inner creativity and learn how to leverage it for career development or business innovation.

Presented by Berklee Institute for Creativity & Entrepreneurship founder Panos Panay, this course features interviews with world renown entrepreneurs, innovators, songwriters, producers, creative directors, educators, performers, visual artists and chefs as they discuss parallels between the creative and entrepreneurial journeys.

The course approaches entrepreneurship as a creative process, a fundamental human instinct that we all possess and can unlock. Creativity & Entrepreneurship applies concepts from the creative and musical creation process, such as observing, prototyping, iterating and embracing failure, as a means of guiding you through the concept of thinking like a startup. You will develop the basic mindset, knowledge, and insights required to pursue an entrepreneurial career, whether as the steward of your own career or as the founder of a new business in any field.
Creativity & Entrepreneurship is about the side of entrepreneurship you won’t learn at a business school but, instead, in the music studio.

What you'll learn:

- How to approach your career or startup as if learning a musical instrument

- Why entrepreneurship, like creativity, is something we all possess

- How to apply “the musician mindset” as means to collaboration and creative problem solving

- Why songwriting is a perfect parallel to career and product development

- Why there’s more to entrepreneurship than business plans and spreadsheets much like there’s more to music than scales and lead sheets.

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: INSPIRATION: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

What is Entrepreneurship after all?

Why musicians are natural entrepreneurs

5 Skills of Successful Innovators

Seeing What Others Don’t/Learn to Observe

Lesson 2: CREATION: Team Building and Product Development

Connecting with your Intentions

Process of Reduction

Falling in love with a Problem




Understanding your Customer

Building a Team

Developing your Brand


Lesson 4: REJUVINATION: The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

Coping with Failure

The Art of Relationship Building/Developing a Network

Learn to Replenish

Panos’ This much I know is True