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Fundamentos de la guitarra eléctrica y acústica (edX)

Desarrolla las habilidades musicales necesarias para tocar la guitarra acústica o eléctrica. Este curso de guitarra te lleva de la teórica musical a la práctica. Este curso de música enfocado en cómo tocar guitarra te permitirá conocer e implementar los conocimientos necesarios para aprender a tocar guitarra eléctrica o [...]

Copyright Law in the Music Business (edX)

Self Paced
Copyright Law in the Music Business (edX)
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Learn the basics of copyright law and better understand how it works in the Music Business. In this course taught by E. Michael Harrington, students will learn the basis for copyright including what is and is not covered by copyright law.

Building Your Career in Music: Developing a Brand and Funding (edX)

Explore how to launch your musical career from developing your artistic identity to recording your first record. This course shares practical tips and strategies to help you take your first step into launching a successful music career as a musical artist. We’ll cover everything from developing your unique identity [...]

Grabar y mezclar música (edX)

Conoce y práctica las técnicas y herramientas que necesita un productor musical para escribir y producir su propia música. Este curso de producción musical se concentrará en escribir una canción en la que trabajarás en las próximas cuatro semanas.

Producción musical y su efecto en la composición (edX)

Exploraremos cómo el proceso de producir música interactúa con los elementos de la composición de la música que se está produciendo. En este curso de producción musical aprenderás sobre el proceso de producción y cómo este está relacionado directamente con la composición, conocerás lo que pasa en un estudio [...]

Crear música con tecnología (edX)

Aprende sobre el proceso de producción de música y tecnología musical -incluyendo la grabación, la edición y la mezcla- y sobre las herramientas disponibles para crear música contemporánea en tu computadora.

Music For Wellness (edX)

Learn how music can help reduce stress and improve your health, and well-being. You love music. You listen to music all the time. Maybe you sing, play an instrument, or compose music. You don’t need to have musical talent to use music to enhance your well being, and even your health.

Introduction to Music Theory (edX)

Learn key concepts and approaches needed to understand, create, and perform contemporary music. Do you have a passion for music and want to learn more about how it works? Are you a musician who learned by ear and has no formal training? Would you like to study music but [...]

Creativity & Entrepreneurship (edX)

Learn skills and listen to examples from world-renown entrepreneurs and innovators as they discuss the parallels between the creative and entrepreneurial journeys -- and why entrepreneurship, much like music or creativity, is something we all possess. Creativity & Entrepreneurship will help you tap into your inner creativity and learn [...]

Vocal Recording Technology (edX)

Explore emerging innovations in vocal production, audio engineering, recording, and mixing. We are in the midst of an explosion of musical creativity as a result of technologies that allow you to record music using your laptop or tablet. Whether you are a singer, music producer, audio engineer, or just [...]