Aug 1st 2016

Introduction to Simulation Education in Healthcare (edX)

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A valuable introduction to the pedagogy of healthcare simulation, how it’s used and the value it provides learners and patients.

Want to know how to engage healthcare learners through simulation? This education and teacher training course is intended to give a brief introduction for academic or clinical-based educators who desire to learn the simulation pedagogy unique to healthcare environments.

Unfortunately, being a great clinical educator does not always translate into being a great simulation educator. In this course, you will learn best practices for simulation in healthcare education and why it’s so important. Faculty experts will show you how developing simulation curricular tools can be used to train and evaluate providers. While many educators use simulation, not all are utilizing it to its full potential. Simulation in healthcare is only growing and experience in this educational tool is beneficial to all that educate or have aspirations to have a positive affect on patient outcomes.

What you'll learn:

- What simulation education is

- Benefits of using healthcare simulation education in your program

- What constitutes a good candidate for simulation