Innovation for Powerful Outcomes (Open2Study)

Innovation for Powerful Outcomes (Open2Study)
Acquire the ability to help make innovation happen, using a rich mix of practical approaches & robust concepts. Innovation involves transformative thinking and the genuine ability to cultivate and pick the lucrative fruits of our creative labour. In this subject, you will develop an appreciation for a range of tools and concepts that can help make innovation happen. This subject will feature original content and fresh thinking. It contains a stimulating mix of creative experiments, intriguing innovation examples, practical tools and robust concepts. These will help you induce creativity, gain deep customer insights, and develop an appreciation for creating a compelling innovation strategy.

What will you learn?

Innovation in Practice:

- The practice and meaning of innovation

- Signature characteristics of innovative organizations

- Processes of service and product innovation

- Different approaches for sourcing external ideas

Creativity in Action:

- An understanding of how our creative minds work

- Key considerations and principles of creativity

- A range of creativity tools

Bringing Ideas to Life:

- An appreciation of how we can learn from others

- A range of approaches for gathering deep customer insights

- Key consideration in appreciating and conveying customer value

Building an Innovative Organisation:

- Approaches for challenging business models and constructing innovation strategies

- Approaches for stimulating and embedding innovation in your own organization

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