Jul 25th 2016

How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business (FutureLearn)

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Learn from leading entrepreneurs what it takes to create a successful fashion business, with a social or environmental ethos. We’re the Ethical Fashion Forum, the global industry body for sustainable fashion. Since 2006, we’ve been helping fashion professionals achieve commercial success, while maximising benefits to communities and minimising negative environmental impacts.

Research shows that most CEOs believe that sustainability is important to their company’s reputation, and that companies with strong ethical commitments often outperform those who don’t. Consumers too increasingly care about the social and environmental impact of the products they choose to buy.

Learn how fashion can make a difference

In this five-week, free online course we explore what sustainability means in the context of running a fashion business. This course is for anyone who wants to start or grow a fashion business, in a sustainable and ethical way.

We’ll cover:

- goal setting and business strategy;

- an overview of the key sustainability issues;

- brand strategy and product planning;

- financing your work;

- how to set up a supply chain;

- how to find sustainably made fabrics and ethical manufacturers;

- product development;

- how to tell your sustainability story;

- marketing strategy and promotion;

- and how to price products, find customers and sell products.

Gain insights from established entrepreneurs and experts

You’ll hear from established entrepreneurs and brands about how they’ve managed to build a successful business without compromising their values. You’ll also get practical tips from industry experts with many years’ experience turning ideas into products and taking them to market.

You will hear from:

- Orsola de Castro, Co-founder of Fashion Revolution and From Somewhere

- Ada Zanditon, Creative Director of Ada Zanditon Couture and Co-founder of Ada + Nik

- Merryn Leslie, Owner of 69b boutique

- Michelle Lowe-Holder, Owner of Michelle-Lowe Holder

- Riz Smith, Creative Director of Riz Boardshorts

- Anna Skodbo, Owner and Creative Director of Phannatiq

- Russell Spiller, Director of Mantis World

- Deborah Campbell, Owner of Deborah Campbell Atelier

- Sarah Greenaway, Founder of Mosami

- Clare Lissaman, Founder of Arthur & Henry and supply chain consultant

Build your business strategy with a purpose

Each week will contain a variety of learning activities that will help you understand how to start up and grow a fashion business, and how to do this with positive social and environmental impact.

This course should equip you with the confidence to get started in the area of sustainability and fashion. You’ll be encouraged to discuss your thoughts with other learners and educators, and to unleash some of your creative thinking.