Oct 19th 2015

Health Leadership (Coursera)

In this course, we explore what it means to be a leader in the context of healthcare. How is it different to leadership in other industries? What are the particular skills and attitudes leaders need to have to navigate the complexity of healthcare leadership?

Strong leadership is essential for the creation of strong, effective and equitable healthcare systems and services. The question is, how can health organisations provide high quality and safe healthcare to growing populations, with increasingly complex needs, while remaining within budget constraints? And how can health leaders respond effectively to consumer and community concerns and demands, while at the same time managing a highly skilled workforce, all within organisational, regulatory and political constraints?

This course will look at these questions from the perspective of healthcare leaders. We will consider what the latest research, practitioners, and opinion leaders tell us about how to ensure a safe, efficient and equitable healthcare service. We will also explore what it means to take on a leadership role in the context of current healthcare challenges, including that of ensuring the quality, safety and equity of care. Throughout the course, we will be discussing the knowledge, skills and capabilities individuals require to lead effectively, and will outline approaches leaders can take to leading health teams and organisations.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

1. Identify current healthcare challenges and discuss how effective leadership might contribute to meeting these

2. Analyse approaches to leading yourself and other individuals, teams and organisations in healthcare

3. Develop a systems leadership perspective on healthcare and explore how leadership contributes to quality and safety