Education in a Changing World (Open2Study)

Education in a Changing World (Open2Study)
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Education in a Changing World (Open2Study)
Explore education as a social institution that’s shaped by and part of shaping a constantly changing world. In this subject you will explore Education as a social institution charged with communicating the knowledge, skills and cultural values that society considers most important. We will look at how the aims of Education have changed over time in response to changing and competing views of what is considered a ‘good society’ and ‘good person’, as well as changes that come from new understandings of a constantly changing world. We will also look at the way Education continues to change in the context of new communication technologies, globalization and climate change.

What will I learn?

On completing this course you will have a sound understanding of:

- What it means to refer to education as a social institution and the roles it plays in society.

- The major positions in debates over the aims of education, including:

. Securing social integration

. Providing a skilled workforce

. Promoting freedom

. Redressing social inequalities

- How cultural understandings of the transition from childhood to adulthood have changed over time, and how education has been shaped by and helped shape these understandings.

- How and why the curriculum has historically changed, and the current state of curriculum debates.

- The way the concept of literacy is having to be rethought as a result of changes that include:

. The information and communications revolution

. Globalisation

. Climate change

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