Ross Boyd




Since 1995 Dr Ross has taught a wide range of university topics, including in the field of the sociology of education, at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level.

Dr Ross has also published in the field of the sociology of education, including the book Culture and Education (2007, co-author) along with a number of scholarly articles and conference papers. Recently he has collaborated on research into environmental justice and ecological-social resilience. He is currently writing on suffering, art and the links between the global shadow and legitimate economies.

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Sep 11th 2017

Explore education as a social institution that’s shaped by and part of shaping a constantly changing world. In this subject you will explore Education as a social institution charged with communicating the knowledge, skills and cultural values that society considers most important.
We will look at how the aims of Education have changed over time in response to changing and competing views of what is considered a ‘good society’ and ‘good person’, as well as changes that come from new understandings of a constantly changing world.
We will also look at the way Education continues to change in the context of new communication technologies, globalization and climate change.

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