Feb 1st 2016

Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning (MOOC-Ed)

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The Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning MOOC-Ed will explore digital literacy, which is the ability to understand and use a range of digital technologies, a critical skill for today’s classroom.

This MOOC-Ed is open to all educators in K-12 and postsecondary levels interested in learning more about disciplinary literacy for deeper learning. 

You will:

- Strengthen your understanding of what it takes to engage students in deeper learning through disciplinary literacy practices;

- Explore the Model for Inquiry-Based Disciplinary Literacy and how it can promote deeper learning for your students;

- Engage in disciplinary literacy practices (e.g., close reading, digital learning, constructing and supporting claims);

- Experience multiple opportunities for personalized application of disciplinary literacy to your teaching context;

- Design, critically evaluate, and share Inquiry-Based Disciplinary Literacy lessons;

- Take action to become a teacher leader by engaging others in disciplinary literacy practices.