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Building Web Applications in Django (edX)

This second course in Django for Everybody explores data models in Django and how it communicates with a database. This course also explores basic Structured Query Language (SQL) and database modeling and how they work in the Django model.

Web Application Technologies and Django (edX)

This first course in Django for Everybody explores the basic structure of a web application and how web browsers interact with web servers. This course Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), an introduction of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), along with the overall structure of a Django [...]

Django Features and Libraries (edX)

This third course in Django for Everybody explores building Django-based web applications through the use of cookies, sessions, and the authentication processes in Django. You will develop a simple web application and learn how an application moves from development to production.

Database Architecture, Scale, and NoSQL with Elasticsearch (edX)

In this fourth and final course in PostgreSQL for Everybody, learners will explore databses architectures, CRUD operations and how ACID requirements are implemented in PostgreSQL. Within this course, you will explore database architecture, PostgreSQL, and various scalable deployment configurations. You will see how PostgreSQL implements basic CRUD operations and [...]

Intermediate PostgreSQL (edX)

This second course in PostgreSQL for Everybody explores a wide range of SQL techniques to aggregate and transact data in PostgreSQL.This course also explores handling, reading, and parsing data with PostgreSQL and working with text in databases with regular expressions. This course covers a wide range of SQL techniques, [...]

Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers (edX)

Explore data science and analyze business data with Microsoft Azure through the use of SQL, machine learning, and other statistical techniques focused on business applications. Through a combination of lectures, business case studies, and hands-on learning this course provides an introduction to data analytics techniques and their application in [...]

Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change (edX)

Learn principles and strategies for engaging with U.S.-based and global communities through partnerships, research, service, and learning. Now more than ever, people are seeking ways to affect change in their communities — both locally and around the world.

Advanced Literature Searching in the Health Sciences (edX)

Learn the fundamental components of advanced literature searches for professionals and researchers in the health sciences. This course will help you improve the quality and reporting of literature searches for projects that rely on past research.

Leading Change: Go Beyond Gamification with Gameful Learning (edX)

Learn the tools to support gameful learning environments that foster personalized, engaged learning in schools. “Leading Change: Go Beyond Gamification with Gameful Learning” instructs school leaders and teachers on tools and strategies to support gameful learning in schools.