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Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement Capstone (edX)

Apply your knowledge and demonstrate mastery, personal growth, and competency along dimensions central to leading educational innovation and improvement. This capstone course will feature knowledge, disposition, and performance assessments that examine growth along dimensions critical to the effective leadership of educational innovation and [...]

Improvement Science in Education (edX)

Learn how to apply principles and practices of improvement science to improve educational practice, raise student performance, and reduce achievement gaps. With roots in industry and in health care, improvement science is a disciplined approach to educational innovation that supports teachers, leaders, and researchers in collaborating to solve specific [...]

Strategic Planning for Public Libraries (edX)

Learn how to develop, implement, and adapt a strategic plan to fit the needs of your library. Strategic planning is a strategy for setting an organization’s goals, vision, and desired future. You’ll learn how library leaders, in partnership with trustees, library boards, and/or municipal leadership, use strategic planning to [...]

Budgeting and Finance for Public Libraries (edX)

Understand financial concepts as well as well as effective practices in budgeting and auditing for library managers at all levels. Money isn’t generally the first topic that comes to mind when thinking about libraries, however it is a critical resource that touches every aspect of the organization. Whether you [...]

Case Studies in Continuous Educational Improvement (edX)

Learn about leading approaches to continuous educational improvement through case studies of educational innovation. With principles of improvement science as a foundation, new knowledge about the continuous improvement of educational innovations is rapidly emerging among communities of educational professionals and researchers, as they work together in new ways to [...]

Designing and Leading Learning Systems (edX)

Learn leading strategies for educational innovation to improve practice, raise student performance, and reduce achievement gaps. Pursuing goals for ambitious teaching and learning requires that students, teachers, and educational leaders learn to work together in new ways. This course engages learners in exploring four leading logics of educational innovation: [...]

Leading Change: Go Beyond Gamification with Gameful Learning (edX)

Learn the tools to support gameful learning environments that foster personalized, engaged learning in schools. “Leading Change: Go Beyond Gamification with Gameful Learning” instructs school leaders and teachers on tools and strategies to support gameful learning in schools.

Database Architecture, Scale, and NoSQL with Elasticsearch (edX)

In this fourth and final course in PostgreSQL for Everybody, learners will explore databses architectures, CRUD operations and how ACID requirements are implemented in PostgreSQL. Within this course, you will explore database architecture, PostgreSQL, and various scalable deployment configurations. You will see how PostgreSQL implements basic CRUD operations and [...]