Technical Communication Specialization

An engineering leader spends a majority of their day interacting with others. Indeed, studies repeatedly point to the impact communication skills have on the ability of managerial leaders to succeed or fail. Too often, individuals move into managerial leadership roles without an awareness of the need to improve in this area. This specialization focuses on skills such as listening, counseling, non-verbals, mentoring, coaching, building trust, providing feedback, writing, and presentation skills. The objective of the study is to help the engineering leader excel in their communication responsibilities.
What You Will Learn:
Understand and apply common forms of leader communication.
Understand and apply the principles behind effective, professional written communication
Understand and apply the principles behind effective and compelling presentation.
Compare and contrast examples of successful and unsuccessful communication in business, industry, and government.

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Technical Managerial Written Skills (Coursera)

Writing effective documents to influence teams and decision-makers is one of the essential elements of successful management. Additionally, in all of its forms, writing remains one of the primary vehicles by which a leader exercises leadership. Just like the other forms of communication, it must be coherent, [...]

Speaking to a Technical Group (Coursera)

Great speakers focus on voice, nonverbals, eye contact, body language, and storytelling to captivate their audiences. Moreover, as a leader, it is possible to communicate in such a manner and in such a tone of voice so as to inspire in others nothing but an intense desire to [...]